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Impact of Gender Attendance at Priory Sports

The Priory strives to make everyone feel important in and out of the classroom. What about on the playing field? We have had impressive teams which have won CCS Championships and even a state championship. Having successful teams for both boys and girls, most people might assume they would get equal support. However, there is […]

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Advice for Student Athletes

At the Priory, most students are not only involved with academics, but also Priory athletics. Over 50% of the student body is involved in the fourteen sports Priory offers. Students who are involved in sports not only have an academic responsibility to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0,  but they also have athletic responsibilities to […]

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A New Season, A New Basketball Team

With fall disappearing and winter emerging, dedicated Priory basketball players are preparing for the upcoming season. Not only do they prepare right before the season, they also train hard during the offseason. Offseason workouts consist of working out in the weight room, practicing skills, and waking up for 6 am practices near the beginning of […]

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Lock Out or Lock Down?

The current lockout that the NBA is undergoing demonstrates that the NBA is decidedly no longer in the public interest. The NBA is meant to be a source of entertainment, and was started to share the love of basketball. The NBA Mission Statement articulates that: “We will grow and celebrate the game of basketball…We understand that […]

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Tennis: The Unknown Sport

Tennis is a sport at Priory, which remains unknown to the community. Girls’ tennis is not given as much recognition by the Priory community as some of the other sports at school. There are several reasons for this. One reason is because the school itself does not give it the same attention and recognition as it […]

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Sharks on the Hunt for the Cup

On May 24, 2011, last year’s Sharks Season ended in a familiar fashion: heartbreak.  In the second overtime of Game Five of the Western Conference Finals, the Vancouver Canucks’ Kevin Bieksa scored a fluke goal to send the ‘Nucks to the Stanley Cup Finals. While it may be an accomplishment for many teams to get […]

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The Repercussions of Concussions

Last year, 1 in 15 students at the Priory were affected by concussions. “A concussion occurs when a person either hits their head on the ground or another person extremely hard, and the brain shifts inside the skull, creating a disconnect of the wiring within the brain,” explains Ms. Myers, head athletic trainer. According to […]

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