Our Mission

Priory Post is committed to delivering relevant, up-to-date, and interesting information to the students, parents, faculty, and staff of Woodside Priory School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view Priory Post articles?

Priory Post is available in two formats: a paper edition and our online edition.

  • Paper copies are generally distributed once a quarter free of charge (one copy per household). All final production articles are displayed in the paper copy, with the exception of online exclusive articles.
  • Our online edition is available on our website (http://priorypost.org). All final production articles are displayed online, with the exception of print copy exclusive articles. Videos and audio reports, along with other technological content, are only available online.

Can I comment on an article online?

While Priory Post supports discussion, debate, and critique of our articles, we do not permit online article comments visible to the public. We want to ensure all content available on our website best reflects the school community, which requires moderation of all reader-submitted data. Due to the high volume of reader interest, Priory Post does not have the resources to screen all comments.

However, you are always welcome to submit comments, suggestions, and thoughts on our Contact Us page. Articles may be modified based on reader suggestions.

Can I submit an article idea?

Priory Post always welcomes new articles ideas and would love to hear from you. Please Contact Us with your article idea. While we strive to meet as many article requests as possible, we can not guarantee a final production article on your topic. Reader-submitted article topics are first reviewed by our Editors-in-Chief and then forwarded to the appropriate Section Editor(s). Due to high volumes of requests, please do not expect a specific response regarding your submission. You may be contacted regarding your idea by a staff writer.

Is Priory Post reviewed, edited, and/or modified by school administration?

Priory Post strives to deliver honest, interesting, and correct content which best reflects the values of all of readers as well as the school community. For this reason, our issues are reviewed by Woodside Priory administration before they are published. However, views presented in Priory Post content may not always reflect the views and opinions of Woodside Priory faculty, staff, and/or administration.

Should I report errors?

We highly encourage readers to report any errors visible on either the website, the print edition, or both. Please Contact Us indicating the article containing the error. We will correct online errors as soon as an administrator can process your request. Print issue errors will corrected in the following issue.

I have media which may contribute to an article. Where should I send it in?

Priory Post is always looking for original photographs and videos of local events. Photographs and videos can be emailed directly to: media@priorypost.com. You will receive credit within articles for all of your submitted media. Please only submit original work. Unfortunately, Priory Post cannot offer financial compensation for submitted media.

I am interested in becoming a Priory Post contributor. What are your guidelines around this?

Priory Post is always searching for new content and welcomes contributors. Please send us your work to: contributors@priorypost.com along with any original media supplements. As long as your work meets our content guidelines, we will post it on our website. Due to strict production deadlines, Priory Post cannot guarantee paper edition publishing. Priory Post welcomes student, faculty, staff, parent, visitor, and community contributions.

Are additional paper copies available?

Although Priory Post cannot guarantee availability of additional printed copies, we may still have some available. Please Contact Us to request a copy and we will respond as soon as possible.


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