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Boarding Students who are White-Water Rafters and Olympians: Only at Priory

Do you think boarding schools boarding schools are only fit for affluent or troubled youth? Think again. At Priory, we have learned that neither stereotype describes our boarding students. The ...

The Reality of the SATs

The Reality of SATs

Is the SAT effective enough in light of modern students’ circumstances? It’s a question asked by students, parents, teachers, and administrators alike. The effectiveness of the SAT is not just ...


Album Review: Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto Hits the Right Note

For the music-conscious, “Coldplay” has become a buzzword. Simply mentioning the band’s name can bring about serious debate over their worth with two clear sides. You either love them or hate ...

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Prom Night

Ok, there are hundreds of movies, spoofs and jokes made about Prom Night. The anticipation of it, the anxiety of being asked or asking someone to the Prom. The thrill of: buying that perfect dress and having your hair and make up done, picking up those corsages, the limos, the picture taking sessions and ultimately […]

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Boot Camp

Ah, Junior Year–the year I call “College Daze” because despite everything else going on in our lives Junior Year, the big black cloud and pressure of trying to get into a school that you have dreamed about for years is finally at a turning point. The applications and written samples, the volunteer work, the sports […]

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Go Overseas or Stay Local!

Traveling can effect people in different ways. It can be about the food, the culture, the sights, smells, tourist traps and getting the local flavor. It can be exhilarating and tiring, and sometimes even tedious where you long to just come back and rest your head on your pillow. It can be about seeing your […]

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Senioritis Epidemic

  Last week, fifty public schools in California shut down due to what some scientists are speculating is the next ‘swine flu’ of this year. The kids are calling it, “Senioritis” and its been infecting millions of teens across the nation. After the first semester of school ended, there was a huge decline in high […]

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Pink Panther Diamond Thief Not Found at Formal

The Priory investigation team gave up their search of the Pink Panther Diamond a couple of weeks ago after numerous dead ends. Detective Isaac Berez reported, “the clues led us nowhere. Funding was insufficient. We lost man-power and motivation.” After anonmyous tips of the thief being revealed at the Hotel Valencia during Priory highschool’s formal, […]

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Student Shocked to Learn that “C” Isn’t Always the Correct Answer

Priory student Matt Schwab was surprised when his history test was handed back to him. Comparing his answers from that of the teacher’s he proclaimed that, “he (the teacher) is wrong.” Matt, who didn’t ace the test with flying colors like he usually does was very upset over this matter stating, “Its not that hard […]

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U.S. Uses National Honor Society Bake Sales to Bolster Economy

After exhaustive research, the administration finally figured out a solution to repair the United State’s fragile economy and feed the working class minds of the people at the same-time. President Obama announced today, that every wednesday at break, National Honor Society will have a bake sale where all proceeds go to the Federal Reserve. Obama […]

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Othello Not Just A Board Game

Sophmores were disappointed in English class when the teacher announced, “Othello is not just a board game.” The students upset and disappointed got excited about originally studying a whole unit on the board game called “Othello.” Instead, they were faced with the long and dull Shakespearian play that does not excite family fun or involve […]

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How to Ask a Girl Out

These look like your conversations with that special somebody? Avoid “talking to a wall” by trying a few of the following approaches.  “I’m Not a Cool Guy Line” This line is a classic and obviously since you don’t know how to ask a girl out you are not a cool guy. Whats great about this […]

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Individual Athlete Feels Good

After a long hard workout, freshman water polo prospect Terry Wang “feels good.” Terry Wang although young, takes his workouts very seriously by running, lifting, and stretching three times a week with personal trainer Michelle. “His determination to the program is unbelievable,” says trainer Michelle as she spots Terry on his bench press. Terry Wang’s […]

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